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Friday, July 11, 2014


I love working for Gather Journal. Working with them always reminds me how lucky I am to be in the position I am. Living in New York and working in a creative field.
This time I worked with the amazing duo of Nick Andersen and Julie Ho who are CONFETTISYSTEM. They designed and built the amazing desert sets
Thanks to Maggie Rugguiero for the beautiful and delicious drinks. Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo the creators of Gather for dreaming up the Desert Mirage Drink theme.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


New favorite random Cat (Marmite) under my favorite plant. Turns out this guy lives next door but has decided to expand his dwelling.
Best thing is no more local strays come up to piss in my plants. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I must either smell of Cat Food or my garden is common knowledge amongst Homeless, lost, stray or vagrant cats.
This young lady turned up in the middle of the night a few days ago trying to crawl up the window screen. It's was bizarre. She was slightly deranged.
She is completely tame so someone must be missing this beautiful cat but no one has answered my posts.
For some reason I think she fell out of a window next door as she sits on the fence and looks up to the windows.

Brand New

No wonder it hurt but overall feels great now. 
Despite being swollen beyond recognition. 
Still no weight bearing for two more weeks and then gradual steps to walking again. 
I was very happy to have this removed the other day. Now I have a storm trooper boot for the next month.
Patience, Patience, Patience. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

NO Weight

No weight bearing means no weight bearing.
6 - 8 weeks. Ice and elevation. Feels helpless but necessary.

First BBQ with my friends. Quite nice just being hand fed :)
I have to be really, after being up on crutches for more than a few minutes it becomes
excruciatingly painful and draining. You have to lay down and nap for an hour!

I'll be up and running, swimming, camping and feeling fine in no time.
On one note I haven't eaten so healthily in years. One step back three steps forwards?

Been here before.

As I said I was fine before the nerve block wore off. Quite happy. All smiles soon turning to misery.
I sent this picture to my father when I got home and he sent one back.

 I forget when I was six I broke my Femur and was in hospital for six weeks and then home for a month in this contraption. I look so angry. I think I really probably was.

Nerve Block

The most amazing thing about the surgery  I had was being able to have a local anesthesia, nerve block and sedative. You're out. No memory of anything it might as well be general Anesthesia but without
the horrible period of waking up. 

Last time I had surgery for a broken collar bone. It was fixed with 6 pins and a plate.
  When I came out of the general anesthesia I could feel every screw drilled into my bones and the incision.
There's a window where the hospital can only put you on a very low morphine drip until you're fully conscious and peeing. Sheer hell I wish it on no one. 

This time last thing I remember was having an injection in the IV line and that's it.
I woke up like nothing had happened. Best sleep ever. No pain. I ate three sandwiches and a gallon of apple juice and I was raring to go. The Surgeon gave me the below and said you may need these. Especially the breakthrough pain. 'Breakthrough pain'? Never heard of that.

The next night the Nerve Block wore off and like the surgeon joked ( I didn't believe him )
It will hit you like a 'freight train'. He was not kidding. It felt like a train wheel was crushing my foot over and over again and then someone throwing boiling water on the wound and rubbing salt into it. 
No amount of pain meds could quell it. I had two nights like that. Moaning in agony while high as a kite. I learned what breakthrough pain was. Pain that breaks through the strongest pain meds.
I still haven't recovered. It knocked me for six.